Pajero io from Siberia

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Hello everyone. Here is my 99's Pajero io. Was bought in 2004 in Japan and since that time is using in my family. Orignaly 4g93 GDI, but two years ago I was swapped to 4G93T GDI. Furtheremore had some specs like: 


4g93 ----> 4g93t o.e.m rebuilded
large intercooler
2.25 intake
blow off
2.5 custom downpipe
2.5 stronger
Ganador catback
0.8 bar boost (Tuned by Ежик Пых)
Evo 7 fuel pump

v4aw4 -----> v4aw5
RR Herical lsd (4.875 swap to 4.636 trans axle)

FR coilover's Toda Racing Fightex Full tap Eibach coil springs 250 60 40 (4kg)
FR tension rod's h77w
FR 2 pot brakes (airtrek turbo)
RR coil springs Dobinsons +40
RR disc brakes

Cibie headlamp
Reestyle FR bumper
Reestyle RR bumper
Reestyle Hood
Turbo radiator grille
Inno roof rack
Gtr 32 spare wheel
Summer spec
Winter spec
Rays Gramm lights 57c R17 7,5J +22
Continental Conti Ice 4X4 225 65 17

Here is my car's personal site with more photo's

Later upload some photo's of my tune feature's)

Pajero io 99 4g93-4g93T swap. 2.25 custom intake 2.5 exhaust Ganador, large intercooler, 2pot front brakes, rear disc brakes,herical lsd 4.875 -> 4.636, Toda racing full tap coilovers, Cibie headlight's

Claude io
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Nice io, plenty of work already done....welcome to the forum....

Happy io


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